Athens, Georgia

Cedar Shoals
Athens, Georgia

Oil on canvas
36” x 48”

Cedar Shoals was a trading settlement on Georgia’s Oconee River. In 1785, Abraham Baldwin was granted the charter for the University of Georgia to be located there. John Milledge donated 633 acres on a hill above Cedar Shoals to the university in 1801. He also named the city Athens after its namesake in Greece.

This mixed-medium art features primarily oil paint. Colors are hued from the ubiquitous red clay in Athens and much of the state of Georgia. Roadways, water features, and landscape are, though stylized, identifiable for those familiar with the area. The Cedar Shoals map painting was presented to J. Wesley Rogers of Athens, Georgia as a gift by its commissioners, Humphreys & Partners Architects. More subtle features within the work might only be recognized by the commissioners and owner of the painting.